Adolescent Girls: Mitigating Risk, Maximizing Potential
A Framework for Humanitarian Response

When humanitarian crises strike, adolescent girls are especially disadvantaged — and they’re displaced in greater numbers than ever before.


To better respond to their unique needs and capacities, the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) developed a guide for humanitarians to gain a deeper understanding of how adolescent girls experience crises and inform tailored and girl-focused humanitarian programming. It’s on all of us to get it right for these girls.

I'm Scared

When a crisis unfolds, girls struggle to fully realize their rights and potential.


I'm Here

When needs outpace resources and where humanitarians are pressed for time, linking adolescent girls to life-saving resources and targeted programs may seem unrealistic. It’s not.

I'm Stronger

For girls to thrive, they must have access to programs specifically tailored to their needs and have their experiences considered across humanitarian operations.

UN Photo/Albert González Farran
UN Photo/Albert González Farran

I'm Ready

Adolescent girls can exercise their rights. They are safe, more resilient, have access to adolescent-friendly services and benefit from protective assets that promote their health and well-being.