I’m Ready

Adolescent girls can exercise their rights. They are safe, more resilient, have access to adolescent-friendly services and benefit from protective assets that promote their health and well-being.

Photo Credit: UN Photo/Albert González Farran

Despite the challenges they face, girls are resilient. Through an informed and structured process, humanitarian programming can help girls individually realize their full potential and catalyze positive changes within their peer groups and families. When we reach the most isolated girls and ask them what they need, they speak up. When we take the time to listen, they share. When we link them to services, they use them. When we prioritize them, they excel. They deliver more than the results that humanitarians set out to achieve. They deliver for themselves, for each other, and for their communities.

WRC continues to build upon our research to better serve this unique and resilient population. We’re designing new projects, building new tools, and forging new partnerships to improve our understanding of their holistic environment and help displaced girls thrive.



Child marriage is a violation of human rights, and severely impedes much-needed progress towards each of the Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals).


Adolescent girls’ access to sexual and reproductive health care is critical in crisis situations when vulnerabilities are drastically increased.


As soon as a crisis hits, adolescent girl refugees often take on increased household and livelihood responsibilities — at the cost of their education and physical safety.


In the days after conflict erupts or disaster strikes, adolescent girls are among the most vulnerable.